Erin Condren 2017/2018 LifePlanner & Accessories Haul!

Erin Condren 2017/2018 LifePlanner & Accessories Haul!

Hello, hello! Today I’m going to show you what I got from the new Erin Condren release for 2017/2018! There are a TON of pictures, so I’m going to try and keep my rambling brief! haha <3

I placed my order first thing in the morning on May 19. My estimated ship date was June 1, and that’s when it shipped! Since my order was over $100, I got the free shipping option and my order arrived on Jun 6! Overall I was pretty pleased with the shipping process and speed.

I did have a couple minor issues with my order – the cover on my planner arrived with a couple broken teeth, and I was sent the wrong sticker sheet. Both problems have since been resolved with the utmost speed on behalf of EC’s customer service and I’m totally satisfied.

Now, on to what I got!

Quite a few gorgeous accessories were released, and I absolutely indulged. The colors and patterns this year were all up my alley;  the “Painted Petals” design and all of the soft peachiness just murdered me, honestly.

accessories 1
Adhesive tabs, dual tip markers, floral ink paper tape, painted petals bookmarks, cherry blossom sticky pockets, cherry blossom magnetic bookmark

When I ordered, EC was still doing the 15% off 4 or more accessories promotion, so quite a few of those found their way into my cart. I ordered the snap-in bookmarks last year and enjoyed them, so I re-purchased in the new design for this year. I have a thing for bookmarks in general, too, as you can see!

A while back I was sent the bolder tones of the Dual-Tip Markers as a replacement for the older pack I had from a previous order, and I fell in love with them. They are finer-tipped than a standard Papermate Flair, but bolder than my Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, which is my sweet spot. These new colors write just as nicely as the first edition.

I was a little surprised by the paper tape! The design is gorgeous, but the paper is on the thick side and it’s glossy. It’s quite a contrast to my washi tapes, but it seems to stick decently so I’m not upset at all.

I haven’t used the pockets or tabs just yet, but on first impression I think both will work out just fine! The tabs have 3M adhesive on the back, and the pockets are very thin, so they won’t bulk up my planners or journals. I have a lot of ideas for where I can stick them. <3


Example of how the dual-tip markers write, and a swatch of the floral ink paper tape. There is NO shadowing or bleeding on the new paper with these markers, yay!


accessories 2
Painted Petals snap-in sticky notes, Floral Ink snap-in sticky notes, Jot Your Thought journal, and budget book

Next up, sticky notes and budget accessories! I’ve become a real sticky note hoarder lately. When I saw these on the site, I knew I had to get them! I go back and forth between actually putting them in my planner (they make a good amount of bulk), but I love the size of these for adding quick notes to sections. They’ll stay on my desk for quick access. I also picked up the Jot Your Thought journal after seeing a Youtuber haul one…what can I say? It’s a journal and it’s pretty. I don’t have a use for it yet…yet.

I grabbed the snap-in budget insert for my Deluxe Monthly Planner, and the $6 budget book because…..well, just because! It’s undated so I’m not stressed about using it, to be honest. If you have the new budget extension pack from MAMBI, it reminds me a lot of that, just with 12 full months of only the “budget setup” page. There’s also a debt repayment section in the back, but it’s only one page.


budget 1
Front of the budget insert
budget 2
Back of the budget insert. Look at that grid!!
budget 3
Sampling of the pages from the budget book


Like many #planneraddicts, I’m very into stickers. In fact, I’ve been collecting and coveting them ever since I single-digits in age! I just love stickers.

I grabbed a couple of the single sticker sheets in custom colorways – the butterflies one was supposed to be blush and lilac, but I was sent the designer version instead. Like I said, it’s corrected now so all is well! I particularly love the wine and blush combination on the blooms sheet, and you’ll see I sort of ran with this pick!

the trifecta
Rose gold Painted Petals cover, Classic Edition 3 Sticker book, and Cherry Blossom Planny Pack

After buying 2nd Classic Edition of the sticker book last year, it was essentially decided I would get my hands on any new ones that came out (okay, if they were cute!). And this sticker book is perfection. Again, I was captivated by the soft peach color of the book and the beautiful foiling of the stickers inside. I swear the designs just keep getting better! I heard a comment though, about wishing the more gift-related stickers would be in a separate book and well, I agree. It doesn’t detract from the usefulness of the book, for me, though. Behold, I took shots of every single page because I wish somebody had done that on the website…that little gif they have scrolls through way too fast!


Of course I had to get the Planny Pack! I picked it up in cherry blossom and already know I want it in the black color, too. It’s the perfect size to slip on to your hardbound notebooks. I’ve seen some people put them on their LifePlanners (the ones with interchangeable covers) and honestly, I won’t be doing that. I think it’ll tug too much on the laminate covers and I’m not about that bent up cover life. I’ll be using this for pens (like the dual-tip markers, they totally fit in here) and maybe some sticky notes and washi samples. Or stickers. Or all of it. Hmm.

pp 1
Front, featuring rose gold asterisk
pp 2
Back, with a slip pocket and metallic rose gold band
pp 3
Interior, lined in a light pink fabric. The zipper is also smooth, chunky, and rose gold!
pp 4
Zipper pull.

Next, I grabbed a few covers. I always struggle with ordering covers from Erin Condren, because 1) I love metallics and they’re always more expensive and 2) I never know what to put on them! I could order them unpersonalized but then they look kind of empty and plain. I’ve only ordered one cover with no personalization, and I still like it (it’s the cactus one. I love cacti!). But this time I got the courage to put my chosen name on ALL of my covers and I love it! My chosen name is a part of my identity, a part of who I’m trying to improve myself to be, so it’s pretty freaking cool to see it done so beautifully across these covers. I may touch on this kinda weird topic more in the future, but for now I’ll let it be.

Rose gold Painted Petals
Gold & lilac Painted Petals
Full Bloom in wine
Painted Petals in Lisa Frank-esque rainbow gloriousness


Since I was basically going balls to the wall in this order, I decided to finally bite the bullet and order the carry-all clutch! The clutches are made from neoprene, which is super stretchy and durable. I’ll be honest – I’ve turned my nose up at literally every single neoprene laptop clutch I’ve ever seen in stores. They always come in one color, usually black, and just look so basic and boring. And when I first saw this clutch on the EC website, I was still put off by the black accents and basic zippers. But this year I decided to just do it since I wasn’t finding anything better and I’d actually seen some cute ones and y’all…wow! This thing fits all the stuff I bought in this order and my planner and basically I kind of want another one already! LOL. I chose the Full Bloom design again, in wine, and it’s just gorgeous! Right now it’s being used to hold my extra covers and seriously, all the accessories I just bought. I can take those things out and use it to carry my planner, too, if I decide to take it with me one day (and now you can imagine why I may want another!). I don’t think I would have bought it if not for the sale, as they are normally $32!

clutch 1
Front of the carry-all clutch
Back of the clutch


Lastly, the entire reason I placed this ridiculous order – my LifePlanner! My love!

So firstly, Erin made some changes to the planner this year. They’re using a new, thicker paper from Mohawk and it is luxurious. This paper has a rougher texture than last year’s planners, but it takes ink much better. The smell, to me, is very warm and kind of like donuts or some type of baked good. I mean, maybe I’m just way too into food, but that’s how it is to me! I’ve had my planner out for a bit and I don’t notice the smell being as strong as it was when I pulled it out of the box, so hurray for that if you’re averse. Of course, the feature design this year is the Painted Petals. I got my planner in neutral, vertical so you’ll see some yummy shots of that. Lastly, they rolled out a new calendar option – July 2017-June 2018! YAAASSS!! It’s about damn time, honestly! The planner starts June 26th and ends on July 4th, for those who don’t know. I’m so fucking happy they came out with this option. My last planner is an 18 month because I wanted to start it right away. I’m going to end up not using the last few months in this planner. Had they had this option last year, I would have bought it. I just am not a big fan of 18 month planners! (Shh…don’t look at the 18 month Happy Planner I’m about to start in…that does not exist! Noooo.). I sincerely hope they keep this as an option, because I love purchasing during the rush and madness of launch month. Now, on to the pic spam!

Interior and vellum overlay – OMG

Check out the new notes page! I’m very excited to use this for tracking tasks and goals.
Clean and open calendar? Yes, please!
Another big change! No headers in sight in this neutral vertical planner. A big part of why I wasn’t totally loving last year’s planner was because of those dark ass headers – it was like fighting an uphill battle, even when I wasn’t decorating it. They were just too overpowering. I LOVE this update!
Coloring pages. Why? They’re cute but uh, no thanks.
Look at the new stickers! They’re FOILED. And useful! Love!
(insert angels singing)

The extras – the new perpetual calendar (gorgeous!!), and plan for it pouch. You get compliment cards, stickers, a large coil clip and 2 20% off coupons! I wish they would have kept the mini sticker book, but that’s just the sticker junkie in me talking. Shhh.


One more thing I want to touch on really quickly is the coil. I’ve read about a million (not really) complaints about the rose gold coil. Chips, tarnishing, weird spots, all of that. My coil last year came (twice, since I had to get a replacement) in beautiful condition. Now I already expected there to be some wear on the ENDS of the coils, because of the process of dipping and bending them. I knew what to expect and it was barely even noticeable. My coil from last year is still in beautiful condition. No tarnishing, no chipping. This year’s coil came even better! In one shot I show where there appear to be some spots, but I expect I can wipe it off pretty easily. Once again this year I did end up with an extra LifePlanner, although I have no idea why! My cover came broken so I asked for a replacement COVER, and in the mail I got a whole ‘nother (perfect) planner. When life gives ya lemons, I guess… hah! So both coils are fine and if they tarnish, I’m just going get a jewelry cloth and clean it. ‘Cause that’s what happens with metals – they can tarnish. You just clean them and get on with it!

Markings on the interior of my rose gold coil. Not even remotely an issue, honestly.

So that’s it! Please let me know if you want to know a little bit more about anything I purchased. This was NOT a sponsored post; everything was purchased with my own money. If you made a haul, what’d you get? I love seeing what others buy and especially how they’re using what they bought!

See ya in the next one,


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