My Planning Desk

My Planning Desk

Hey y’all! Today I’m going to show you where I do most of my planning – my planning desk!


This is my desk! I got it from Target a couple years ago and have been loving it ever since! It has a ton of scratches and stuff from use, so it has been something I’ve had to just deal with, but hey, that’s the point of furniture, right? Anyway, I had been using it as my computer desk but decided I really needed a dedicated space to pull out my planners and get some writing done. It has gone through a few rounds of re-organization, and this is the most recent change!

I knew I needed to have my most used and loved tools readily available, but I also needed to have plenty of “white space” so that I wouldn’t look at the desk and become immediately overwhelmed. It’s very important for me to have all my things organized and set out in a way that this doesn’t happen, because when I feel overwhelmed I tend to just curl up in bed and do nothing. Womp womp.


So first I’ll show you what I actually keep in my drawer!


Yikes! It’s a mess LOL. It was organized but as usual what’s clean becomes dirty. I’ll be redoing this at some point, but for now that’s just the way it is. I keep “officey” things in here mostly – sticky notes, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. I also have stickers, ink pads, and other random crafty things I tossed in because I didn’t know where else to put them. As disorganized as it is, I like to occasionally open it and have a look because I do tend to put some of my favorite “cute” things in here, like the little stationery pouch I got from Target, or the cat sticky notes from kikki K. <3


Now back to the top!


These are the most essential items for me when it comes to planning, aside from the planners themselves. On the far left, I keep my pretty pens and a whole, whole lot of washi! The little coffee cup is filled with washi and some rose gold foiled sticky note pads (from Simply Gilded). In the bag is more washi! Then right next to that I keep all my newer/most favorite washi. I am slowly swapping out some of the older ones in this setup for newer ones, but I’m not buying washi quite as much as I was so yeah, not going too quickly at that. On top of the washi I have a little trinket tray I got on clearance from Michael’s that just holds a few paper clips.

Next to that is probably my most favorite thing ever – my sticker box! It holds actually more than just stickers, but it’s where I’m putting all my most used and loved stickers so that’s what I call it. Here I have three MAMBI sticker packs, three Michael’s Recollections sticker books, ALL of my Etsy and The Planner Society stickers, and both of my Erin Condren sticker books. I also have some list pads, a legal pad, a cup of pens and markers, a pack of pencils, and my Erin Condren clutch which just holds my extra covers and EC accessories. The box itself is just a photo box I picked up from Michael’s a while back. You can always catch them on sale for about $2. Great deal and it holds a TON.

Next to that happy center I’ve just got another pencil cup (from Target) that holds the rest of my useful pens and things. Sticking out of the side is a little dish that I got from Hobby Lobby, which I use as a coaster when I’m sitting at the desk. Gotta stay hydrated!

And lastly, my planners! <3 <3 <3


I do use quite a few planners and journals day to day, so I knew I had to have a way to keep them together without them appearing too ugly in organization, but also keep them easily accessible. Nothing makes me forget about a planner faster than having it buried under other planners, or hidden in a dark corner somewhere. So, I nicked a basket from my shelf (that’s actually next to this desk, but not in picture) and tossed my planners in! Now, they don’t all fit but most of them are in there. I have two more (that are actually in use) that I keep on my craft desk because they are related to my Etsy shop & brand. The two that are out are my main Happy Planner and my goals bullet journal. Inside I have (from back to front, left to right): the Wildflower Happy Planner (was going to scrapbook in this but I may now do Listers Gotta List), the Deluxe Monthly Planner from Erin Condren that I do all my budgeting in, an ECLP that I use to track the online work that I do, my Unicorn Recollections spiral planner (the shaker one!) that I use as a study planner, a notebook that I use as a fitness diary & tracker, The Planner Society traveler’s notebook that has my brain dump bullet journal and extra inserts I’m planning to set up for traveling and exploring, my mini Happy Planner that I half-assedly use as a self care planner, and lastly my Hobonichi Techo A6 that I do my stats logging and health journaling in (I promise it’s different from the notebook lol)! I may do a more detailed post on these planners, so be on the lookout for that!

Right above all this is a wall calendar I got for $3 from Target’s Dollar Spot at the beginning of the year. I just hole punched it, put some nails in the wall, and hung it up!

And that’s it! I’m always trying to see if I can make this even simpler. If you’ve been following me on IG for a while, then you know this desk used to look a lot more cluttered. If I can take something away and still do everything I want, then I will. For example, I just put my main HP into its deluxe cover because I noticed my back cover was really scratched up. But, this thing is kind of like having a black hole just sitting on my desk so I may remove it and just deal with the mystery scratches (seriously, I dunno how they got there!).

I love desk tours and setups so so much, so if you’d like to share please do!


Until the next one,


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