Free Friday – Sticker/Die Cut Printable Sheet for Planner Girls!

Free Friday – Sticker/Die Cut Printable Sheet for Planner Girls!

Hey, y’all! Long time no post (again). But I’m here today to introduce something I’ve very slowly been working on.

A while back I drew these images just for fun, and decided to turn them into pieces I could include as freebies when customers order from my Etsy shop. I printed them on sticker paper and fuss-cut them (since my Cricut has been on the fritz, ugh). Thus they were sizable sticker flakes! Yay!

I noticed that die cuts and printables are pretty popular in the planner community right now, and that got me so excited! My favorite thing to do is draw, and so I thought why not marry my love and need to draw with my planner obsession? Now that I’ve sat on it for a while, it seems like a no-brainer! I want this to be the first of many fun things to come, both as freebies offered here on my site and items you can buy at my store. This honestly may be the thing that finally re-lights the fire under my drawing hand! (I’ll spare y’all the long, sad story about that…for now)

So here it is! This is a sheet of 6 cute wing sets with a little heart in the center, 6 pink and white polka dot bows, and 3 decadent chocolate iced donuts. You can print them out on sticker paper and cut them to be sticker flakes, or onto cardstock and use them as die cuts! I have included a TOU as well as the permission for places like Office Depot/Staples that’s needed for them to be able to print the file legally. I hope y’all like this and look forward to what I can come up with next!

If you use these, please tag me on any/all social media (listed conveniently right on the page!). I wanna see what you come up with!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment! <3 (Note: you can also find downloads at the download page, linked in the menu bar!)



Wings, Bows, & Donuts Printable Stickers/Diecuts (225 downloads) || 8 MB

A printable sheet featuring 6 wing sets, 6 pink bows, and 6 chocolate iced donuts.


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