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Today The Happy Planner posted three new videos up on their Youtube page covering the spring release of their new products! Below you’ll find the items that caught my eye!

Note: All images are screenshots taken from The Happy Planner’s Youtube videos showcasing the products.


NEW 2018-2019 PLANNERS

There were seven planners that I liked after watching the videos (a few) times. Every year there are usually about that many that I like, and I usually end up only buying a couple. I can say I’m pretty happy with my current lineup, so if I do buy any planners from this release, they are going to be for other, just-for-fun purposes. 🙂

From left to right: Classics | Squad Goals, Big Plans, Farmhouse, Simply Lovely, Rose Gold Chic; Big | Farmhouse; Mini | Hello, Darling


My top three from these picks are the Big Plans, Farmhouse in Big, and Hello, Darling. I definitely see myself scrapping with the big Farmhouse, and doing some type of journaling with the mini Hello, Darling. As for the Big Plans, I just think it’s cute! 😛



I love accessories! Unfortunately, my wallet does not LOL. This release brings with it a good number of brand-new items that I am very excited about.


From left to right: Big Checklists & Dot Grid, Mini Watercolor Note Paper, Half-Sheet Expense Tracker


I am most excited about the expense trackers! These came out during the infamous December release, and I really wanted to like them…but they had bill pay checklists on the back and that just didn’t work for me. As I’m someone who needs to compartmentalize information, bill pay things go in an entirely different location for me, and certainly not on the back of my expense tracking sheets. I am SUPER happy they changed it up for this release!



From left to right: Yummy Food, Gold Star Quotes, Squad Goals, Colorful Boxes

I know everyone is crying buckets over the Squad Goals book (it is gorgeous – and inclusive!!!), but my favorite is actually the Colorful Boxes! I use a lot of box and header type stickers in my planning, so I always run out of those first. I think I’ll be buying 2 or 3 of this book just to prevent that!



From left to right: Pastels, Magical, Super Fun, Girly, Fitness


So here’s one of the new items! MAMBI has done washi stickers in the past, but I think this may be a new format (at least as far being in the planner line, because I think I’ve seen them in the scrapbooking sticker aisle!). Regardless, these stickers are absolutely beautiful and I’m for sure going after the Pastel set! I’m thinking these will be especially fun in my Hobonichi books.



From left to right: Holidays & Seasons, Make Things Happen, Fun Florals, Bold & Bright, Lovely Pastels


Another new one! These are tiny little sticker packs that have full boxes and double boxes within. I think this will be a great option for those who like to use a lot of boxes in their decorating, but don’t want to buy a whole Value Sticker Pack. The floral and pastel books are my top faves here!



From left to right: Checklist Sticky Notes, Sticky Notepads (2), Sticky Tabs, Adhesive Pockets (2), Good Vibes Only Accessory Pack, Hourly Time Stamp


That screeching sound you just heard? THAT WAS ME! There are more new accessories here that are gonna help me beautify my planning, organization, and journaling even more and I’m absolutely living for it! The sticky notepads are not a new concept to me, as I actually own some from kikki K. that are in the same format (just a different design, of course). They are a great tool to use when you need to add more information, but don’t quite need a full sheet of paper. I envision the pockets and tabs finding homes in numerous notebooks and journals. You can never have too many sections or too many pockets, IMO. And the time stamp, I’m seeing that for journaling and scrapbooking, too!



So those are my picks! Even though I may have picked out seven planners, by the time I actually am ready to buy any I may only get two at the most. I wanted to love the Squad Goals, but I don’t. It’s very cute, and the inner pages are inclusive, but I’m kinda bummed they didn’t at least come out with a pack of extra covers that included a brown-girl version of the front of the planner. Or did some kind of reversible-cover dealio. I know the vast majority of people probably won’t give a shit, but it’s something I think about and consider when making purchases. Still, MAMBI is strides before many other companies and that’s not something to ignore.

I’ve also seen a couple people noticing that two of the classic planners are basically the same – Rose Gold Chic and Modern Chic. The only difference is the covers. I’m thinking that these are two planners that will be sold at different locations. Perhaps one cover will be a Staples exclusive, for example. Whatever it is…I kinda wish one was vertical! The good news is that horizontal lovers will have more options this go-’round.

Outside of the products themselves, my only other concern/wish is that the stores will order and keep good stock of these. The last wave of planners sold out a lot better than I thought they would, and I kind of lamented not grabbing the ones I liked (even if I didn’t need them – one can always dissect them and use the parts!). Hoping restocks will be swift if things start selling out (which they probably will).

❤ If you want to see the full release, head on over to Caitlyn’s blog! She has them in each part: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 ❤

All the new items are going to be posted to The Happy Planner’s webshop on March 5th! There’s been no date given for in-store releases (and nobody should be surprised about that…tsk tsk!), but some people have already been able to swoop up the goods at their Hobby Lobbys.

What are your picks from the new release?




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