My 2020 Lineup // Hobonichi Techo ❤ Happy Planner

My 2020 Lineup // Hobonichi Techo ❤ Happy Planner

It’s that time of year again! It’s Planner Season! The time when all us planner geeks start wiggin’ out about what planner (or planners) we’re going to use for the coming year. Are we going to change our current layout? Are we jumping ship and switching brands? Hell, maybe we’ve had enough of planners altogether and are contemplating just pantsing it with a notebook next year!

Happy Planner Mania

Well, I’m at a stage in my planner life where I’ve gotten pretty confident in my choices. If you’re into Happy Planners at all, you’ve probably seen at least one person remark that they should make six-month planners, because the brand is always releasing new planners, and customers just can’t help themselves and always end up switching. That…hasn’t exactly been me. I usually end up buying a new one, but I find myself going back to whatever I had before I got shiny-new-thing-itis. Sorry, Love Your Life, Fresh Florals, Wildflowers, This Is Your Year, Squad Life, Vintage Botanicals, uh…oh…oh, dear.

Those were all side planners, planners I had to invent uses for because they were just too fuckin’ cute to leave behind. I struggle-bus’d it with my main planners for quite a while to reach this point, this point where I finally understand that I’m not going to do a damn thing with a rainbow-colored horizontal planner, no matter how cute it is.

Anyway, I guess the point of me saying all this is to say that you don’t gotta buy a million planners all at once. I started creative planning (or glam planning, or pretty planning — whatever you wanna call it) in 2015. I did not figure everything out all at once. And particularly in the HP community, I frequently see people lamenting a lack of planner peace, a lack of supplies, just a lack of everything. Stop. It’s okay. You don’t need to be like the people at the “top” (the very fake, very unimportant top, at that), who flex for the hell of it. Remember to focus on YOUR needs. And especially remember to focus on YOUR budget. (Lookin’ at you, 2017 self!)

So, blah blah aside, let’s get to the goods! THE PLANNERS!

Since I started with a spiel about Happy Planners, I’ll show you what stopped me from committing to switching to a Hobonichi Cousin for my “catch-all” planning for the second year in a row.

This gorgeous stack has been sitting on my desk for days.

Just to explain, ever since the OG Glam Girl HP came out in 2017 (for the year of 2018), I kinda knew I was gonna be about the lines. My very first “nice” planner was a Kikki K, and that had lines…but it was horizontal. Y’know, standard planner format for eons before things got shook up. When I was bitten by the vertical bug, I didn’t see another line for years. Not until I saw a few people (and truly, there were very few people to be seen using these) using a planner from Paper Source. I ditched Market Floral for one of those for a bit, until I got fed up with PS’s Sunday-start weeks (seriously…why? why?!). I think I just toughed it out in a ring binder until the end of 2018, honestly! For 2019, for ALL of 2019, I’ve used Life is a Party. Y’all, when the collection this planner was a part of came out, I lost my mind! LINED VERTICAL. But no stupid three boxes!! YEEHAW!

Gee Gee (If you like SNSD, you get it).
Those discs!!
GG has a ton of accessories and honestly, I wanted them all.

I’m 99% sure I’m 1 of about 15 people who hated the three boxes still being a thing in the original lined vertical and I was glad to see them do away with it. I’m hoping they don’t go back to it. Now, I ain’t excited about shaded boxes at the top of each day, but we make do! It actually hasn’t been a problem. I’m so, so glad to see that the new Glam Girl has received the same treatment! OG GG was being used as my business planner, and that was….okay. More my fault than the planner, since I have a lot of outside issues that tend to interfere with productivity. For 2020, New GG will be my catch-all planner, and I expect that to work pretty well. My planner for this year is actually in the Big size, so I’m hoping that I won’t run out of space, even though I’ll be splitting up information again. Which leads me to the next planner…

“There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”
…especially when it’s filled with so many beautiful stickers, amirite? eh, eh?…

Homebody! Homebody is definitely a hit for HP. It’s definitely not what I’d imagine when I think of the term, but it’s still beautiful. This is probably gonna be the most interesting part of my lineup for 2020. And by interesting, I mean most likely to not actually be used. LOL. I’m not going to give myself an L just yet, but this layout is completely new for me. I’ve been trying to make the monthly layout work for my creative/business/etc needs for the past two years (using Trendsetter re-dated on multiple occasions, and then buying Vintage Botanicals), but it just hasn’t worked out. I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that I don’t like having to do things to pages just to make them work, and I have to do some structuring to both the monthly overview (not the calendar) and the daily checklists (dating them) just to make them applicable to my needs. Add on to that the guilt from not checking my planner daily, and having multiple days where I can’t even get out of bed and yeah…no more monthlies. Byeeee.

You’d think getting any planner at all, given that last sentence, would be pretty dumb, huh? Nahhh. I have a lot of empty weeks in my 2019 planner. 2019 in general has been a big ol’ stanky P.O.S. year and I can’t wait to close the door on it and welcome in 2020. Not that I haven’t learned from it. But seriously. Can a sista get some good times now??? Once again, I’m splitting up my creative/business/etc stuff from the “everything else” and putting it in its own planner. I’m hoping that the friendly-looking dashboard layout will work out much better. I thought about just reformatting the monthly into a dashboard but, too much work. Fuck that. Y’all pester me a month or two into the new year to see how I’m doing there, alright?

Aside from the planners, I just grabbed a few accessories to make the planners feel more complete. I love feeling like I’ve got a set. Sticker books, accessory packs, page markers, and filler paper! I think I’m going to start setting up soon, especially Homebody. That’s new-new-new and I need to make sure I know what I’m doing way ahead of time.

All Hail Hobonichi

The second part of my 2020 lineup consists of my modest Hobonichi haul. I started using Hobonichi products in 2017. The A6 was quite a thing to behold. The thin Tomoe River paper was the biggest draw for me. Some days held my ramblings, others my to-do lists, and the rest held what I could only refer to as “notes.” I also tried to draw on a couple of pages, but it was very forced. 2018 was basically the same, with a weeks thrown in for half-assed weight loss tracking. Plenty of unused pages between all of ’em. For 2019, finances didn’t even allow for the purchase of an actual book, so I bought a Kokuyo A6 notebook and popped it right into my Thank You All cover (that I’m still absolutely crazy-in-love with; please Hobonichi do another collab with Mr. Masuda again someday!!!). I haven’t hardly filled that up, either, but I think I’ll actually keep using it into the new year, and use my A6 book alongside it. Maybe.

The quote from this year’s box.

I’m still deciding whether to actually keep a daily log in the A6 book, which might be something I need to do with my mental health struggles. The Kokuyo notebook is just that, a notebook, so it’s pretty easy to do the kawaii style of journaling I enjoy in there at my leisure. Plus it means I can keep looking at this awesome rainbow setup I’ve got going a bit longer. 🙂

Tfw you gotta rip straight from your IG.
Testing placement of deco. I ended up putting the unicorn in the bottom right corner! The ice cream patch always falls out since I didn’t stick it down.

What I mean when I say daily log is that I’ll just keep a list of things I’ve actually done in the timed section of each page. I could also set daily goals in the note section, which is another habit I’d like to form. “But Vela, couldn’t you just do that in your Glam Girl?” you’re probably asking.

Nope. Of course not. Duhhh.

My actual planners are for planning. They’re like…my ideal outlines for the day/week. They are also for keeping up with appointments and medications, two things I am complete shit at remembering. They are also for me to decorate. A lot of people think the decorating part gets stupid. I don’t care what they think. The decorating part makes it so that I give a shit about doing any of this. The boring planners I had before I knew they didn’t have to be boring were commonly afterthoughts. I still think about all the homework assignments and events I forgot, or missed out on, all because I misplaced a sticky note or a piece of note paper. Dammit.

The reason I won’t keep my daily log in my HP (because hey, I could just put some note paper in the back or something) is pretty simple. I don’t want to. I don’t wanna date it. I don’t wanna flip to the back, or the front. The A6 is the perfect size. The Tomoe River paper is sexy. And honestly, if I have to bring something to a therapy appointment to refer to…I’d rather bring the Hobo. No shade, I just mostly carry smaller bags these days.

So what’s the Mega Weeks for? Weight loss!

…Again! 😀

I’ve decided the Shell Pink isn’t really pink at all. It’s still pretty, though.

I mean, I’m still fat. So I still have work to do! To be totally honest, I’m not 100% on why I stopped using the weeks. I think I just gave up on myself. That happens a lot, and it’s very frustrating. If you saw this post, then you saw I was using stickers and also trying to track a lot of information. That page I showed was probably peak Vela-tries-to-do-the-fuckin’-most. It was honestly getting kind of annoying setting up the blank page every week with all that damn information. As I stated earlier…me no like that. Since then, my fitbit band has actually broken. I had an older model that I can’t even find a band for, and I’m too cheap to upgrade sooo I’m not using one anymore. That means I’m not tracking sleep, steps, or calories burned. Right now I kinda only care about CICO and some macros, and then cutting back on meat, sugar, caffeine and then developing some other habits. I don’t really wanna get caugtht up in tracking ALL of that, so I thought I’d like to have lots of notes pages so I could…take lots of notes. Since I still had pages left in my 2018 weeks, I’m using them for grocery and meal planning lists for the rest of this year! I still really love the size of this book to take to the store. Fits so well in the hand, man.

“Tsuta” Clear Cover – Naoko Horiguchi. This actually hopped in my cart at the last moment.
Hide And Seek At Night Cover on Cover. It has gold accents!
Strawberry Milk (exterior)
Strawberry Milk (interior)
Small selection of useful and cute accessories.
Maybe I can use this to mark my planning days.
My favorite in this set is the bird/flower (far right).

I ordered the most basic accessories, save the stamp. I had to have the stamp. I wanted it when it came out, but I believe that was the year I couldn’t order. I’m so glad it came back! And the Hide and Seek cover-on-cover, too?! Yess!!! I’m also super happy to finally have ordered a Colors cover this year, and a pink one at that! I wanted the popular ones from the past two releases, but I’m glad that I got this one! Does it not scream Hello Kitty? I’m going to put the Hide and Seek CoC on it to start, but I think I’ll switch to a clear one at some point, and when I do, I HAVE to put a big HK cut-out inside.

Check out this year’s freebies! I’m actually stupidly excited about how good everything’s gonna match….I can keep my pink Jetstream in my current setup. One red Jetstream in the new Weeks, the other on my pink A6 with that GORGEOUS RED interior. UGH ❤. And the card game! It really is quite heavy!! There was quite a festival of complaints about the weight of these cards and how much they made the shipping go up by. Spoiler alert: I don’t mind. At all. I love buying from this company direct. I’ve spent 500 yen on a magazine and 3000 yen to ship it. My order was processed, shipped, and delivered in a week (didn’t order until the end of September). This is not just another planner or stationery purchase, it’s an experience I feel incredibly graced to make. I won’t forsake it.

In any case, I’m looking forward to testing my translating skills on the cards. Can I just say I’m so happy to see furigana! (hope my sensei don’t see that, though >___>)

I think my Girls Checkered is part of the “Part 2” lineup I forgot to write in 2018…

I’ll leave you with this! It’s a lil bin I picked up at Dollar Tree a while back (side note: have y’all been seeing the cute stuff DT has been putting out? Do NOT sleep on them!). I’m thinking of putting my Hobo stuff in there, so I’ll finally have it all in one place, more or less. I don’t keep it in the box, since the box isn’t really like…day-to-day use friendly. Plus it’s kinda huge. My HP stuff takes up a lot more space and I have already reorganized it for the coming year. Spoiler alert #2: Lookout for that post (and general desk organization-y stuff) soon~!

I would love to see y’alls lineups, your hot takes on lineups, or whatever planner talk ya got, really!


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