About Me

Hi! I’m Vela. ❤ I’m a 26 year old Capricorn who’s obsessed with stationery, arts and crafts as well as a whole ton of other things! I took up residence on the internet in 2004 and haven’t left since. I’m introverted and deal with mental health issues, but I like to be talked to about whatever (unless it’s something really…weird. Uhh…yeah!). I’m super glad you decided to visit my site! 🙂

Likes: Pixel art, traditional & CG art, Minecraft, anime, J-Pop, K-Pop, Eurovision, planners and planning, stickers, needle crafts, tacos, cooking shows, home improvement shows, Let’s Players, web design and coding

Dislikes: Extreme negativity, abusers, bigots, when my tacos get cold, taco snobs, thieves, struggling with my health issues


About the Site

What is now Milky Soda began as Kawaii Dollz, way back in 2004 when I “made” my first site using AOL Hometowns. I was big into pixel art and making pixel dolls (and honestly, I’m still trying to return to that!). Over the years I’ve been hosted on various platforms and both the site and I have gone through several name changes. I finally feel like I’ve settled on something that feels “right” in both my brand and personal names and that makes me happy! I’m not totally where I want to be in either place but I’m getting there.

These days, you can still find my pixel art from the home page and I also still have my deviant art page up. My primary goal is to use this entire setup as a way to display my creations and thoughts related to those creations in my personal spot on the web. And as I’ve recently gotten largely into planners and all the fun goodies that go along with them, you’ll be seeing those things as well! In the end, I have a ton of interests and it’s my desire to share those things here so I hope y’all like that 🙂


If you need to reach me for something, the absolute fastest way right now will be in DMs on Twitter (@themilkysoda) or Instagram (@velvettex). You can also send mail to this address, but please allow at least one full week for me to see it! ❤

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