Terms of Use

For Dolls

1. You may adopt my dolls as long as they say "adoptable". You have to hover over the doll to know. In addition, you may only display adopted dolls on the appropriate page, and the page must include a link back to this site.
2. DO NOT take parts of my dolls to make your own. That is frankendolling, and I don't like it!
3. There are no dollmakers on the site.
4. In the future I'll make dolls for commissions, but at the moment I am not making any for free.
5. You may not use my dolls to make blinkies, dollmakers, drag n drops, etc. However, if you ask, I may be willing to collaborate with you on making special dolls for you to use in your blinkies, but I'll need time.

For Bases

1. You may recolor all the parts of my bases, but please do not cut and paste parts of them to make your own.
2. Do not redistribute my bases on your site or claim them as your own! I will do everything I can to hurt you if you do >=D.
3. I am always open to you editing my bases as far as remodeling the base goes. This means changing the shape of the eyes, mouth, arms, etc. If you do this, you still cannot claim it as your own! You can email it to me, and I'll put it up on the site!

For Pixel Work

1. NONE of my pixel work is for adoption unless I specify otherwise! So I'd better not see it anywhere other than my site!
2. Don't ask me to do a pixel work for you, I won't, I don't have the time to. But for a lineart for a contest, I may do it.

That's it! If you follow these rules you will have happy life =D. And I won't have to hunt you down for not following them XD.